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Heavy Duty Thor Floor Protection

Thor Floor Protection
Thor Floor Protection

THOR Floor Protection 30sqm Rolls

THOR905 form-A-guard offers an ideal protective solution for protecting your delicate surfaces.


form-A-guard is a triple layered, foam backed, nonabrasive surface protection product, which is suitable for protecting solid floors including engineered timber, hybrid flooring, laminate flooring, polished timber, parquetry, vinyl, tiles, slate, marble and polished concrete (sealed only). The form-A-guard is also suitable for the protection of kitchen and bathroom sinks, bench tops, vanity basins, bath tubs and shower bases.


Also recommended for use with the form-A-guard, is the THOR Edge/Membrane Tape and Joining Tape.  The THOR Edge/Membrane Tape is a low tack, clean release tape that can be applied directly to the perimeter of a cleaned surface area.  It is advised that periodic checks should be conducted on the THOR Membrane Tape after 1 month of application to ensure clean removal.


The THOR Joining Tape is a printed tape specifically designed for the joining of the form-A-guard and securing the edges directly to the THOR Edge/Membrane Tape.


T H O R form-A-guard is an Australian made product exclusively designed for the building and construction industry where protecting finished surfaces and eliminating defects is essential. Protecting from scratches and scuff marks for timber floors, tiled floors, vinyl, polished concrete (Cured Sealed Finished Surfaces), bench tops, bath tubs and shower bases.


THOR form-A-guard can be applied in the following 3 easy steps:
This quick and easy application ensures THOR form-A-guard remains a market leader in its category. *It is advised that periodic checks should be conducted on the THOR Edge/Membrane Tape after one month of application to ensure clean removal.

1. Apply THOR Membrane Tape to a cured, sealed or finished surface that is clean and free of any dust or residue.

2. Roll out the THOR form-A-guard to cover the cured, sealed or finished surface, overlapping each run
3. Use THOR Joining Tape to join the overlapped THOR form-A-guard. THOR Joining Tape can also be used to secure the edges of the THOR form-A-guard if required for prevention of dust or residue migration. If securing edges, apply a maximum 1 metre strip of THOR Joining Tape allowing a minimum of 1 meter spacing between runs and ensure the THOR Joining Tape is applied to the THOR Edge/Membrane Tape only.

Thor Floor Protection Joining Tape

THOR Joining Tape 48mm wide x 100metres long

THOR printed Joining Tape has been specifically designed to safely join form-A-guard floor protection to secure and prevent movement whilst protecting your valuable surfaces. THOR Joining Tape offers a strong bond and as such should not be applied directly to any finished or polished surface.

** THOR Joining Tape is not to be applied directly to any finished surface **

Size: 48mm wide x 100metre long tape roll

Thor Floor Protection Edge Tape

THOR Edge/Membrane Tape 48mm wide x 66metres long

THOR Pre-App Edge & Membrane PVC tape has been specifically designed for cured, sealed and finished solid surfaces such as walls, tiles, bench tops, engineered timber flooring etc. The Pre-App tape can also be used as a perimeter or a membrane tape


  • Easy release

  • Clean removal

  • UV stabilised

Size: 48mm wide x 66metre long tape roll

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