Cemimax ECOTAZ Dark Grey Polished Concrete Floor Topping Overlay


ECOTAZ is a Cementitous based levelling compound designed and based on a decorative overlay with Terrazzo Quartz and sand granular components.


Product Properties / Benifets:

Plastic dry cement mortar with finely graded fillers. When mixed with water, produces a hydraulic-setting smoothing compound with good flow properties and high coverage.



Special cements, mineral fillers, polyvinyl-acetatecopolymers, flow agents and additives.

  • Super smooth
  • Extremely high strength of compressive and bending
  • Versatile - apply 5mm to 40mm in one application
  • Rapid hardening – walkable from 2 hours
  • Superior flow – fast application
  • Can be polished
  • Different colors and aggregate to selection


Technical Data:

After 1 day approx. 15MPa
After 7 days approx. 25MPa
After 28 days approx. 35MPa
Tensile Bending Strength
After 1 day approx. 5MPa
After 7 days approx. 7MPa
After 28 days approx. 8MPa
Pack-size: 20kg/bag
Shelf-life: Min,12 months

Coverage: 1m2 @ 15mm Approx



ECOTAZ can be applied from 5mm to 40mm thickness in one application.



1.Put 3 litres of cold clean water into a clean container. Sprinkle in the sack contents (20kg) whilst stirring briskly and mix to a thick-fluid. Lump-free consistency. Use a drill or mixer fitted with a Mixing Paddle. Do not mix too thinly.
2.Pour the mixture on the area to be applied, spread the material uniformly to Required thickness using toothed rake. It is the next step to remove entrapped air by particular roller.
3.Drying time at 20degree is approx, 48hr - 72 hours for polish application.


Subfloor Preparation:

  • The substrate must be sound, free from cracks, dry, clean and free from materials which would impair adhesion.
  • Test the substrate according to applicable standards and report any deficiencies.
  • Brush, abrade, grind or shot-blast any weak surface sections or areas which eill not accept adhesion.
  • Thoroughly vacuum to remove loose material and dust.
  • According to type and condition of the subfloor, suitable primer.
  • Allow primers to dry thoroughly.

Cemimax ECOTAZ Dark Grey Polished Concrete Floor Topping Overlay

GST Included
  • Chat to our team for an installation contractor to arrange a measure + quote for a full installation price.  We do not recommed you installing this product for DIY, only a specialists with the right machinery & knowledge.

  • Name Cemimax ECOTAZ Polished Concrete Floor Topping 
    Size 20kg Bag
    Colour  Dark Grey 
    Thickness  1.5mm - 40mm
    MPa Strength 35MPa
    Water Ratio 3.0L Water / Per 20kg Bag
    Dry Time 2 hrs - Walkable
    Working Time 20 - 30mins