DP80 Non Porous Surface Floor Primer 5kg & 20kg Tubs

Cemimax DP80 One component, low emission, multipurpose dispersion primer with carbon fibre technology for non absorbency substrates


PRIMER APPLICATIONS: Timber, Tiles, Slate, Particleboard, Waterproof etc - Key Bonding agent for your application of floor levelling compounds.


DP 80 is a water based, very low emission, acrylic, dispersion, film forming primer that enhances the performance and bonding of Cemimax Self-Leveling products that are to be installed over existing well bonded flooring (quarry, porcelain, and ceramic tile; VCT, Sheet Vinyl; Terrazzo; Metal Decking, and Rubber), and well bonded non-water soluble adhesive residue. It can also be used directly over Cemimax high quality 100% solids epoxy and polyurethane (PU) based primers/ moisture vapor retarders (MVR)/ barriers.


• Installed over all existing flooring that must be structurally sound, solid, thoroughly clean and free of polishes, waxes, grease, asphalt and any other contaminant that might act as a bond breaker.
• Can be applied over properly prepared and installed 100% solids epoxy moisture barriers and PU vapor retarders, Epoxy cement terrazzo and poured epoxy or PU flooring
• Dimensionally stable moisture resistant, exterior grade plywood
• For use where Radiant Heat systems are being installed
• Existing surfaces in need of refurbishment, such as well bonded, non-water soluble adhesive residues including cutback


• Easy Application and quick drying
• One component, no mixing when applied
• Single Coat application for faster turnaround and lower installation costs
• Solvent Free
• Excellent bonding on Cemimax brand Epoxy moisture
vapor retarders/ barriers DP400


Modified styrene-acrylate copolymers, wetting and antifoaming-agents, preservatives and water.


Packaging: Plastic bucket
Packsize: 5 kg (4L) & 20 kg (16L)
Shelf-life: Min12 months when stored properly
Dry Time: 15 -20min
Coverage Rate: 12m²/1 Litres
Drying time: 4-6hours
Application Temp Range: +5°C - 35°C


• Do not install over substrates containing asbestos. Some adhesives contain asbestos and some concrete compounds contain natural occurring silica which sanding could cause an unsafe environment when sanding.
• For moisture limitations on this primer, please refer to the moisture limits of the flooring that is being installed over
• Minimum of 5° C at floor level for installation.
• Not suitable for installation over water soluble adhesive.



The subfloor should be thoroughly cleaned, dry, free of debris, and no loosely bonded surfaces. Make sure there are no active cracks, completely free of contaminants like curing compounds, solvent based markers or paint, oil, grease, and wax that would block absorption into the substrate. Test substrate in accordance with applicable standards relative to moisture content. Any weakly bonded material such as adhesive residue, leveling compounds, floor coverings or coatings must be removed by shot blasting, abrading, grinding, or scraping. Do not apply over water-soluble adhesive. If applying over an MVR it must be properly installed following the installation instructions.



***Do not dilute with water***
• Thoroughly stir container for until all settled clumps are off of the bottom and suspended in the liquid.
• This product should be applied in a full, even, thin coat by rolling it on with a 3⁄4 nap nylon. Being careful to not leave any puddling behind at the roller edges as it will delay the drying of the primer and could cause issues with bonding.
• Allow to dry to a clear, transparent, almost tack-free film. When dry you should be able to feel an almost sand paper like feel on the substrate. Drying time for the DP 80 is about 20 min to an hour in cold humid climates.
• Clean equipment immediately with water. Mineral spirits may be may be used to remove primer that has dried ontools.


DP80 Non Porous Surface Floor Primer 5kg & 20kg Tubs

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