PP3 Feather Edge Smoothing Compound 5KG for Repair, Filling & Patching

Cemimax PP3 is an advanced cement and polymer based patching compound for repair, filling and patching up to 13mm depth. Can be used on a variety of substrates prior to installation of most flooring products. Priming is not required for most applications.


Plastic dry cement mortar with finely graded fillers. When
mixed with water, produces a hydraulic-setting smoothing

Special cements, mineral fillers, polyvinyl-acetatecopolymers and additives.
• Fast dry formula
• High strength
• Very fine aggregates
• Variable water range
• Smooth surface finish
• Excellent absorbency
• Versatile product

Pack-size: 5kg bag
Shelf-life: 6-12 months
Coverage: Approximately 2.8m² at 3mm per bag
Watermixing: Approx.1:2 (water:powder)
Dry time:
After approx. 10 min. for walked on
After approx. 15 min. for floor covering
After approx. 12 hours for wood flooring


• New or old cement leveling compounds
• Existing substrates with well-bonded, non-water-soluble
adhesive residues
• Large and small format tile and natural stone
• Plywood underlayment
• All standard slabs, concrete or other substrate types
• Heavy wear in domestic and commercial locations
including exposure to caster wheels
• Radiant floor heating systems

• The substrate must be sound, free from cracks, dry,clean
and free from materials which would impair adhesion.
• Test the substrate according to applicable standards and
report any deficiencies.
• Brush, abrade, grind or shot-blast any weak surface sections
or areas which will not accept adhesion.

1. The ideal mixing ratio for part quantities of cemimax PP3 is
two parts powder to one part water. This will usually produce
the ideal consistency. When mixing a full 5 kg bag of powder
add 2.2 – 2.5 liters water per 5 kg bag. Do not overwater. The
addition of extra water will weaken compound and lower its
2. Pour cold, clean water into a clean container. Slowly pour in
the powder while stirring vigorously, and blend to a viscous,
lump-free consistency using a heavy-duty drill fitted with an
Mixing attachment (minimum 650 rpm). Only mix as much
mortar as can be used within the 10 – 15 minute working
3. Apply the compound evenly onto the substrate to
the desired thickness using a smoothing trowel. The
recommended minimum depth on non-absorbent surfaces
to receive impervious flooring is 3 mm.
4. Ready for floor covering after approx. 15 minutes for
normal floor covering installations. When laying wood
flooring, cork or laminates, the drying time is approx. 12
hours. Interior use only.
5. It is important to note that many different types of
adhesives are used to install floor coverings, and their
absorbency into cementitious substrates can significantly

PP3 Feather Edge Smoothing Compound 5KG for Repair, Filling & Patching

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