SupaBord Edge Tap 40mm x 30m


SupaBord Edge Tape is one of two tapes in the SupaBord product range.

SupaBord Edge Tape is specifically designed to secure SupaBord Temporary Floor Protection to floors and walls for up to 45 days.  SupaBord Edge Tape is made from quality crepe paper with a natural rubber adhesive to provide instant attachment to a wide variety of surfaces.


  • Joins SupaBord floor protection edges to floors for up to 45 days

  • Low to medium 45-day contractor grade adhesive

  • Strong and flexible



Size: 40mm wide x 30m long x 0.12mm thick


1. Ensure the subfloor (base floor) is clean and dry

2. Remove plastic sleeve from the SupaBord roll

3. Roll out SupaBord over the flooring area or surface, logo side facing up

4. Cut SupaBord to length with a utility knife, ensuring the seams are neat and fit well together

5. Tape the SupaBord butt joints, long joints and perimeter with SupaBord Joint Tape. Do not apply SupaBord Joint Tape to floor surfaces as it may affect some finishes

6. Apply SupaBord Edge Tape to the outside perimeter of the flooring area

SupaBord Edge Tap 40mm x 30m

GST Included