Teal - Commercial Carpet Tiles 50cm x 50cm

Teal - Commercial Carpet Tiles - EASY DIY INSTALLATION or ask for a professional for Supply + Install Packages.


$6.05inc per Tile 50 x 50

$24.20inc per sqm (4 x tiles)

$169.40inc per 7m2 box (28 x tiles) 


Tile Size: 50cm x 50cm (L x W)


SOLD TO NEAREST BOX PACK ONLY - 7m2 per box = 28 Tiles


Construction: Tufted Level Loop

Fibre Type: 100%PP BCF SD

Pile Height: 3.0mm

Gauge: 1/10

Primary Backing: Polyester Spunbond Fabric

Backing Material: Fine Bitumen

Glue Down Installation: Yes - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Total Thickness: 5mm

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm (Length x Width per tile)

Stain Resitant: Yes to Water Based Stains

Wear Rating: 5 Years

Square Metres per box: 7m2 (28 Tiles)

Teal - Commercial Carpet Tiles 50cm x 50cm

GST Included
  • 1 box= 7m2 (28 x Tiles : 50cm x 50cm) Sold to the nearest pack size only.

    Please calculate your total sqm area then round off to the nearest pack size when purchasing.