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Engineered Timber Flooring Collections

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Imperial Flooring Australia offer an exclusive collection of Engineered Oak Timber Flooring, ranging from 14mm, 15mm & 20mm. We have also partnered with Major Australian Flooring Manufacturers to offer a diverse collection of luxury premium engineered flooring options to our clients. Our Engineered Oak is produced with the finest oak resources. Manufactured with a real timber top layer (veneer) with a multi layer plywood inner structure core providing a touch of luxury to all residential & commercial interior spaces. Each timber panel provides unique features with no repetitive pattern to feature throughout the floor space. All our Engineered Oak Timber Flooring collections are manufactured pre-finished (coated) ready to be installed, with a wide range of colours available, from light modern oak to darker oak tones.

Cream White Haaus Design Project HAAUS4

- 14mm Engineered Oak


- 14mm Pronto Engineered Oak 

Neutral Oak Herringbone

- 15mm Herringbone

Cannes De Marque Chevron Parquetry

- 15mm & 21mm De Marque Chevron

Tinge Oak Haaus Design 15mm Engineered Oak Timber Flooring Install

- 15mm Engineered Oak

Parana by Preference Floors

- 15mm Prestige Engineered Oak

Sauvignon Herringbone

- 15mm & 21mm De Marque Herringbone 

Blackbutt Fiddleback Herringbone Australian Engineered

- Australian Engineered  Timber


- 20mm Engineered Oak


- 21mm Prestige Oak Engineered 

Raw Oak Chevron by Imperial Flooring Australia

- 15mm Chevron

Natural Elk Falls Hickory American Oak

- Hickory American Oak Engineered  Timber

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