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Laminate Flooring Oakleaf HD Plus Product Review

Colour = Wolf Grey
Colour = Wolf Grey
"Timber look & feel laminate flooring, it almost looks like the real thing!"

What are the key features of the Laminate Flooring Oakleaf HD Plus offered by Imperial Flooring Australia?

The Laminate Flooring Oakleaf HD Plus offered by Imperial Flooring Australia boasts a range of impressive features. Firstly, it is constructed with a high-density fibreboard core for enhanced durability and stability with 48hr water resistant protection. Additionally, it features an 30 pattern repeat authentic wood grain texture (embossed surface) and a natural-looking oak finish, providing a realistic and visually appealing flooring option. The Oakleaf HD Plus also features a commercial grade AC4 wear layer, built for heavy traffic home and commercial spaces. Furthermore, it is equipped with an easy-to-install click-lock system, making it suitable for DIY enthusiasts or professional. If you want the look of real timber flooring, then look no further than preference floors laminate flooring oakleaf HD plus collection.

Further product features

Laminate Flooring Oakleaf HD Plus preference floors delivers amazing realism with décor visuals so natural you would think you were looking at a real natural timber plank. Using the latest digital imaging technology, a stunning range has been created that showcases popular Australian Timber species along with Oak & Hickory décors. Featuring a moisture protected treatment for the micro bevel edges along with an amazing 30 pattern repeats, these planks deliver all the natural charm & character you would expect from a natural timber floor. OAKELAF HD PLUS also features a 48hr independently tested Water-Resistant core providing ultimate peace of mind for when little accidents occur. 

OAKLEAF HD PLUS laminate is AC4 rated, making it tough enough for everyday living and ideally suited for the wear and tear associated with modern family environments. OAKLEAF HD PLUS laminate is dimensionally stable, exceptionally durable and offers great visual appeal for all interior décors. Oakleaf HD PLUS Laminate flooring range is suitable for installation over “In-Slab” Hydronic Heating only.

"Key features: High Definition 30 different patterns before it repeats in prints, it's the real deal!"


Laminate Flooring Oakleaf HD Plus stands out as a top choice for customers of Imperial Flooring Australia looking for a reliable and visually appealing flooring solution. With a 30-year residential warranty, customers can have peace of mind knowing that this flooring is built to last.


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