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What Is the Best Underlay for Floating Floors?

If you are installing a floating laminate floor or floating engineered timber floor, then you will be required to install prior to the floor being laid a foam or rubber underlay. A minimum of 3mm underlay is recommended by Imperial Flooring Australia. Underlay and subfloor types are the most important aspect of any flooring project in both residential and commercial spaces. Proper selection and installation of underlays and subfloors is crucial to the proper wear and stability of any flooring type, especially when it comes to acoustic performance.

underlay for floating floor - laminate flooring
3mm Silver Foam Underlay installation by Imperial Flooring

Types of Underlay for Floating Floors sold by Imperial Flooring Australia.

What is Flooring Underlay?

Floating floor underlay is a layer of foam or rubber that protects your floors. It is installed between the subfloor and the floating floor that acts as an insulation that will both dampen sound (acoustics) and protects your beautiful floors from mould, mildew, and any potential moisture.

Option 1# - 3mm Silver Foam Underlay (2 in 1)

The 3mm silver foam underlay is an affordable option in underlayment, perfect for most residential & commercial spaces that doesn't require the acoustic performance certification. It provides a silver moisture film protection with noise reduction properties inbuilt. This underlay is the perfect everyday floating floor underlay that consumers should consider purchasing.


Product: Floating Floor Underlay

Type: Silver Bottom / Foam Top

Moisture Barrier Overlap: Yes

Roll Size: 20sqm Roll

Thickness: 3mm

Width: 1meter

Peel & Stick Tape: Yes

AAAC Star Rating: 4

Suitable Floor Coverings: Laminate, Bamboo & Engineered Flooring

Install Method: Floating Floor Only

Options 2# - 3mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay

If you require strata certification or must meet certain acoustic requirements at the property or commercial premises, our 3mm Acoustic rubber underlay is the certified floating floor underlay you will require. This rubber underlay is perfect for households that want the best performing underlayment, especially for subfloors with excessive noise that requires acoustic noise reduction. The 3mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay is suitable for dual bond direct stick installation applications for engineered timber flooring.


Product: Floating Floor Underlay or Direct Glue Down

Type: Rubber

Colour: Multicolour

Surface: Granular Texture

Grade: Commercial & Residential

Density: 850 Kg/m3

Acoustic Performance: 43dB

AAAC Star Rating: 5

Roll Size: 10sqm

Length: 10 metres

Width: 1 metre

Thickness: 3mm

Suitable Floor Coverings: Laminate Flooring & Engineered Flooring

Strata Certified: Yes

Installation Method: Floating Floor or Direct Dual Bond Stick Down (Glue)

Installation of Underlay: Loose lay installation or glue down.

Ground Level Concrete: Install Builders Plastic or Moisture Barrier first


At Imperial Flooring, we recommend spending as much on underlay as you can afford because performance generally follows price in floating floor underlay. The best performing underlay for all floating floor installations in terms of acoustic noise reduction is the 3mm Acoustic Rubber Underlay, but that's not to say the 3mm silver foam underlay is still an everyday affordable option that will do the job!


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