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Direct Stick Glue Down vs Floating Floor Installation Method

Here we discuss the difference between the two installation methods we offer in direct stick glue down vs a floating floor installation method.

Direct Stick Glue Down Installation Method
Direct Stick Glue Down Installation Method

What is Direct Stick Glue Down Flooring?

Direct stick floor is a common way to install a timber floor by gluing each individual floorboard directly to the concrete substrate, or a timber substrate in older styled homes. If you are installing solid timber, these boards will also be nailed down as well as glued to restrain the floor from cupping.

3 x Types of Direct Stick Installation Methods we offer:

1. Engineered Timber Flooring

2. Herringbone Parquetry Engineered

3. Chevron Parquetry Engineered

Floating Floor Installation Method
Floating Floor Installation Method

What is a Floating Floor?

A floating floor is a floor that does not need to be nailed or glued to the subfloor. The term floating floor refers to the installation method. Our range of floating floors include Hybrid Waterproof Flooring, Laminate Flooring & Engineered Timber Floors.

3 x Types of Floating Floor Installation Methods:

  1. Laminate Flooring – These synthetic planks are made of a high density wooden fibreboard. Laminate floors are both affordable and very durable, which makes them common across homes and commercial settings.

  2. Hybrid Flooring – Constructed from a plastic and stone or wood composite, these planks offer 100% waterproofing alongside a robust surface. Most come with a pre-attached underlayment.

  3. Engineered Flooring (<15mm Thick) – Engineered timber offers a veneer of real timber on the surface which is fused to a plywood or waterproof composite core. This allows you to get the beauty of natural timber with an easy installation system.

Is it better to glue or float flooring?

Many installers and manufacturers prefer the glue down method because of its superior stability. Gluing down your floor leads to less shifting and creaking, making the engineered hardwood timber floor feel and sound more secure. You can also glue down floors on any type of subfloor, even if it's uneven. Unfortunately not all our flooring options can be installed in a glue down method making our Engineered Timber Flooring collections our premium floor covering selections.

What glue (adhesives) do you recommend for engineered timber flooring direct stick method installation?

We recommend & install in our own projects: Bostik Ultraset HP MS polymer timber flooring adhesive.

What Underlay for floating floors do you recommend?

Direct Stick Glue Down vs Floating Floor Installation Method, what is our preference?

Our extensive supply & install portfolio features majority of our project work to be installed in a direct stick glue down installation method. This is Imperial Flooring Australia's preferred scope of works due to premium performance on the feet compared to a floating floor method not stuck to the subfloor but laid directly on underlay providing more movement on the foot when walking on the floor covering.

Can you assist with flooring installation?

Yes we have our own inhouse installation teams, view our service regions Get A Quote Imperial Flooring Installation Packages are only available for Wollongong, Southern Highlands (Bowral) & Sydney Regions! OUT OF OUR INSTALLATION COVERAGE? Not to worry, we recommend sourcing a local flooring contractor from the HiPages platform or simply search on Google (Floor Layers or Flooring Contractors) to find your nearest flooring installer professional for installation quotes.

Still not sure? Visit our Wollongong Flooring Showroom or chat to our friendly flooring expert team for further information.

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