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What is Hybrid Waterproof Flooring?

SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) hybrid flooring, also known as Rigid Vinyl Plank Flooring, consist of multiple layers:

  1. a UV Coating (Wear Layer)

  2. a Print Layer *Colour Print*

  3. a Composite Core *Limestone*

  4. and a balance layer eg Underlay

SPC Hybrid Floors create minimal noise when walked on and is completely 100% waterproof.

All our hybrid flooring collections are manufactured in SPC. Hybrid Flooring is designed to be installed ONLY in a floating floor method.

Hybrid Waterproof Flooring
Haaus Design Hybrid Waterproof Flooring New England Blackbutt 9mm

The pros and cons of hybrid waterproof flooring


100% Waterproof Flooring

This makes hybrid floors a good option for wet areas of the house such as the kitchen and laundry (not designed for bathrooms).

Easy to Install & maintain

Hybrid Flooring is designed for easy DIY installation, manufactured with easy to install clip lock systems.

You can vacuum and wet-mop your hybrid floors without a worry.

Pet friendly

Perfect for pet owners whose pets frequently come back with muddy paws from a morning walk, Hybrid Flooring is not only pet friendly but scratch resistant too.

Child friendly

Children’s activities can often lead to the use of crayons or accidental spillages, which are no longer an issue. These can be wiped clean with a little bit of soapy water for a stress-free clean up.

Stain resistant

The top layer adds durability to hybrid floors, making them highly resistant to scratches, dents, and stains.

Cost effective

Our Hybrid Flooring ranges are priced from $30 - $50 per sqm, making them affordable for all project budgets.

Perfect for rental properties

Due to the low maintenance & waterproof properties, Hybrid Flooring makes a perfect selection for rental properties.

The feel of real wood

We offer a range of Hybrid Flooring options that are textured on the surface to provide the feel of real wood to the foot.


Printed top layer (wear)

Hybrid Flooring is manufactured with a printed top layer (that is not real), that repeats in pattern providing a less authentic look to real timber flooring.

Can only be installed as a floating floor

Even though Hybrid Flooring is more stable with its limestone core, a floating floor is not fixed to the subfloor - meaning movement under the foot is normal for a floating floor that is not direct stuck to a subfloor.

Hybrid Floors require a flat surface (subfloor)

You need to ensure the subfloor is levelled before you install a hybrid floating floor. That means there should be less than 3 mm deviation over the space of two metres. Due to the limited thickness options available in Hybrid Flooring, the thinner the board the more preparation that is required for a flat & solid subfloor to lay on, exceeding higher costs.

Lower acoustic performance comparison

Compared to thicker Engineered Direct Stick Flooring installation methods available, hybrid flooring is only available from 5.5mm to 9mm thickness options, that are pre-attached with thinner foam underlay - meaning you cannot achieve the best acoustic performing flooring compared to other ranges of floor covering's like timber, engineered, laminate & bamboo.

Cannot be re-surfaced

Hybrid Flooring cannot be re-surfaced & re-sealed for extra longevity, where Engineered Timber depending on the thickness wear layer product can be resurfaced up to 100 years of lifespan.

Is thicker flooring better in hybrid waterproof flooring?

Yes, the thicker the hybrid flooring board the better. The floating floor will sit better with more weight and will be less likely to bounce underfoot. The thickness & weight of the core (board) is more stable providing an overall stronger floor covering selection for a lifetime of enjoyment.

The thinner the board like 5mm - 6.5mm, we only recommend installing on a solid concrete subfloor that is within the mm flatness tolerance for the best performance.

Shop our premium 9mm Hybrid Waterproof Flooring range online - Order up to 5 free flooring samples with our try before you buy flooring sample programme.

Is hybrid flooring really 100% waterproof?

Sure is, designed & manufactured with a limestone composite core, resulting in a stable core that has minimal expanding and contraction. All our hybrid waterproof flooring ranges are SPC composite cores.

DIY Hybrid Waterproof Flooring Installation Guide
DIY Hybrid Waterproof Flooring Installation Guide

Hybrid flooring Installation guide:

Download below our DIY Hybrid Waterproof Flooring installation guide for all your tips to get your installation completed.

How to order hybrid flooring samples

Start searching our extensive range of hybrid waterproof flooring via online... Utilise our Hybrid Flooring Samples that can be ordered online & in-store with our try before your buy program...

Shop hybrid waterproof flooring online

All our hybrid flooring ranges can be shopped directly online with Australia Wide Shipping Options. Start shipping today....

Are hybrid waterproof floors suitable for wet areas?

Yes! Hybrid floors are completely waterproof and can be used in any area of the house without the risk of swelling or water damage. We don't recommend them however for bathrooms.

Are hybrid waterproof floors easy to install?

Yes! Hybrid floors are incredibly easy to install with the integrated locking system, all you need is a tape measure, guillotine or mitre saw for cutting, a rubber mallet & a DIY installation kit.

How long will hybrid waterproof flooring last for?

With proper care and maintenance, a minimum of 20 to 30 years. because hybrid flooring cannot be sanded and re-finished, it will come down to how well you treat your floors.

What are the best selling hybrid waterproof flooring products?

Below are some of our ever most popular colours sold in our 9mm Hybrid Waterproof Flooring range. The thickness & density of our 9mm hybrid flooring provides one of the best preforming hybrid floors available in the Australian Market

Conclusion, why should I purchase hybrid waterproof flooring?

if you are looking for a low maintenance, 100% waterproof flooring, an easy DIY installation & a floor covering that has a high resistance to scratch and wear than hybrid waterproof flooring is the perfect choice for your household or project.


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