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L Angle Colour Transition Trims suitable for 6.5mm - 9mm Hybrid Waterpoof Flooring Flooring Transition Expansion Gaps.


Depth: 6mm

Length: 2400mm

Top Face: 25mm 



6.5mm, 8mm & 9mm  Hybrid Flooring Ranges.

Thicker application of other floor coverings eg Laminate's & Engineered Timber Flooring will also suit the L Angles.


Finish your floor with our premium colour coded L Angles designed for tranistion areas, closely matched to the floor colour you select for that seamless finish.


Examples Areas of Trim Installation: (covering your expansion gaps)

* Transition door ways

* Bedroom sliding door cupboards

* Sliding doors

* Transition of different floor covering sections eg. Where a timber floor would meet a tile floor.



To suit Imperial Flooring Australia's

8mm & 9mm Hybrid Flooring Collection.

For 6.5mm select: Matching Colour - 6.5mm Hybrid


9mm Hybrid ColourColour L Angle
Light Oak Light Oak
Beach Oak Natural Oak
Shadow GreyN/A
Light BeigeSandstone
Bondi SandsSandstone
New England Blackbutt    New England Blackbutt
Ash GreyGrey
White BayGrey
Spotted GumSpotted Gum
Warm BrownBrown 
8mm Hybrid ColourColour L Angle
White OakN/A
Urban OakSandstone
FawnNatural Oak
Blonde AshNatural Oak
Brush GreyGrey
Grey Ironbark Spotted Gum
BlackbuttNew England Blackbutt
Brushed Spotted GumBrown 

L Angle Colour Trims 2.4m Lengths to suit Hybrid Flooring