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C Channel Transition Flooring Trims suitable for 8mm & 9mm Hybrid Waterpoof Flooring. Finish your flooring transition expansion gaps.


Length: 2700mm

Top Face: 25mm



8mm & 9mm Hybrid Flooring Ranges.


Finish your floor with our premium colour coded aluminium c channel end trims designed for tranistion areas, closely matched to the floor colour you select for that seamless finish.


Examples Areas of Trim Installation: (covering your expansion gaps)

* Transition door ways

* Bedroom sliding door cupboards

* Sliding doors

* Transition of different floor covering sections eg. Where a timber floor would meet a carpet floor area.



To suit Imperial Flooring Australia's 8mm & 9mm Hybrid Flooring Collection


9mm Hybrid ColourColour C ChannelColour L Angle
Light Oak Light OakLight Oak
Beach Oak Natural OakNatural Oak
Shadow GreySilver Matching Colour 9mm
Light BeigeSandstoneSandstone
Bondi SandsSandstoneSandstone
New England BlackbuttNew England BlackbuttNew England Blackbutt
Ash GreyGreyGrey
White BayGreyGrey
Spotted GumSpotted GumSpotted Gum
Warm BrownBrown Brown 
8mm Hybrid ColourColour C ChannelColour L Angle
White OakSilverMatching Colour 8mm
Urban OakSandstoneSandstone
FawnNatural OakNatural Oak
Blonde AshNatural OakNatural Oak
Brush GreyGreyGrey
Grey Ironbark Spotted GumSpotted Gum
BlackbuttNew England BlackbuttNew England Blackbutt
Brushed Spotted GumBrown Brown